Bank Accounts: Keep it unfrozen by getting your TIN before 31st January 2020

Do you have a TIN?

Do you know your TIN?

Everyone should have a TIN, now if you run a registered business, you probably already have yours.


What is a ‘TIN number’?

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Learning a new word

Do you know the meaning of the word vituperation?
  1. bitter and abusive language.
    “no one else attracted such vituperation from him”
    synonyms: revilement, invectivecondemnation, castigation, chastisement, opprobriumrebukescoldingcriticismflakdisapprobationfault-findingMore

I am usually too nice to use a word like this but when you have a friend on Facebook who uses it so well, you can’t resist laughing and posting a friendly retort.

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Link Building to improve brand awareness

Link building is one of the ways in which your website or blog can be made available to the general public. 

Link building can open your business website or blog to new market. One of the tools by which you can spread your link is via the social media platforms and the forums.


The popular ones are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram. You can share your link on any social media platform where you share a great quality photo or very interesting and valuable content. Always add your link to great content.

You can also spread your links far and wide by using networking or social bookmarking sites such as stumbleupon, Digg and Diigo.

You can also do blog memes to draw crowds or do something that adds a lot of value to the online community and you will instantly become a popular blogger depending on the success of your blog meme.

Simply pick a topic that resonates with everyone and communicates the value that your company is bringing to the table. Communicate it effectively and soon you will have people beating down your door to do business with you.

Success in social media means getting popular.

I have to warn you that it is hard work though but keep working at it. You will get there.

Let me know how the link building is going for you. You can start by sharing one link everyday. In a month, you will have 30 active links that are linking back to your site and bringing the traffic that you require.

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